Achieving strategic initiatives can be a bumpy ride.

It’s your plan. We’re the GPS that gets you there.

You want your project to deliver value. But chances are you’re going to encounter some turbulence along the way. 

According to industry research:

    • 70% of organizations have suffered at least one project failure during the past year
    • 50% of project managers say their project failed to consistently achieve what it was supposed to achieve
    • For every $1B invested in the U.S., $122M was wasted due to lack of project performance

Why do so many projects fail?

Among the reasons projects fail are poorly defined scope, lack of communication, ineffective sponsor engagement, and poor team alignment. We can help through 1-in-60, our proprietary process that helps you stay on course while avoiding much of the turbulence.

1-in-60, defined.

1-in-60 is a rule of thumb that guides navigation. Every 1° off course will result in being 1 nautical mile off track for every 60 nautical miles traveled. The longer the distance traveled, the farther the plane is off course.

The same is true for project management in business. A slight miscalculation early will send your project wildly off course down the road.

1-in-60 helps you reach your destination without costly course corrections. We’ll help you focus on:

    • Clearly defined value. Better state the where and why of your journey.
    • Committed and effective sponsorship. Help your leaders to better champion your cause.
    • An aligned and motivated team. Empower your people to deliver outstanding results.
    • Engaged and understood stakeholders. Transform your passengers into active participants.
    • The right governance approach. Adapt your delivery methodology to take advantage of your strengths.

Applying 1-in-60.

Here’s our step-by-step approach for keeping your initiative from veering off course.