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Engagement in a Time of Social Distancing

As more and more companies move to remote work, leaders may find themselves asking “how do I keep my team engaged when all our interaction is virtual?”  

We at ViTL Solutions are no different – we are a small team that typically works as 1-2 person teams embedded at our client sites or conducting workshops. With this kind of dispersed workforce, culture and engagement are things we spend a lot of time discussing. Typically, we keep the team together by providing chat solutions and meeting bi-weekly to catch up, share learning opportunities, and work together to tackle client problems. However, in the past week, as we and our clients move to working in the “social distancing” era, we’re finding that we all need new ways to keep ourselves and our teams engaged. 

We’d love to bring you along for the ride as we explore new opportunities for virtual engagement, culture building and team bonding in an era of virtual interaction. From change management to project management, our team members and our clients have different cultures and problems that we’ll be approaching through the lens of our web cams. Along the way, we hope to explore: 

  • Keeping levity in our work 
  • Developing and maintaining healthy routines
  • Managing change in a virtual world
  • How to give back when you’re isolated
  • Finding the positives in tough situations
  • Building and maintaining team bonds

We hope you’ll join us as we walk through the next evolution of virtual interaction along with the rest of the world. 

-The ViTL Team

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