Improving Back-end Pipeline Capabilities



Large space technology company specializing in manufacturing communication; Earth observation, radar, and on-orbit-servicing satellites; satellite products; and related services.


The client contracted with ViTL to increase the capabilities of its back-end pipeline, specifically around timing, efficiency, and data management in order to enhance development efforts in a short period of time.


From the outset, the ViTL team began its work with the client by researching and conducting “listening sessions” with the company’s executive time in order to understand their needs, expectations, and goals. The company had a heightened sense of urgency as it was working through a merger at the time. This ramp-up and deep dive enabled ViTL to develop a plan structured around specific deliverables that would grow the pipeline as well as set the stage for new, more open and authentic expectations surrounding internal communications.


We used an agile approach to mitigate risks through constant, open communication with the team. In order to develop a sense of trust and to encourage the client to feel confident in bringing issues to our attention, we consciously sought out opportunities to develop more personal relationships with the client team. The importance of the project and the team’s involvement was discussed openly throughout the project and all questions were answered honestly and succinctly.


The first phase of an enhanced, efficient, up-to-date pipeline was successfully implemented despite several re-orgs during the merger. And because an open and respectful dialogue was established at the beginning, adoption to the process and our asks were easy for the team to take on. With constant uncertainty of decisions at the top, confidence in the project was important.